Herbal Teas for Anxiety and Panic…

Herbal Teas for Anxiety and Panic…

Herbal Teas for Anxiety and Panic...

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Herbal Teas for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – 31 Days to Peace. Day 8

Herbal teas have a long history of helping relieve many things, from insomnia, to upset stomachs.

But did you know that they can help relieve anxiety? I always tended to lump all teas together, and knowing that regular black tea is high in caffeine, which can trigger anxiety and panic attacks, I pretty much wrote all teas off.

As I began researching more natural remedies for my anxiety, including essential oils, I began to see more and more information about the benefits of a good hot cup of the right herbal teas.

Below are some of the recommended teas. Some help directly with anxiety, while other soothe the stomach and create a cooling effect in the body, but all have been shown to assist calming, soothing and relaxing the body.

Please talk with your doctor before using any of these teas. While they are all considered safe, there are always exceptions, and some might interfere with other medications or medical conditions.

Herbal Teas for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

A few things to note:

– Many of these teas are available in tea bags, especially at local health food stores, but some of the herbs may need to be purchased loose.

– When purchasing these teas, look for brands that aren’t blended with black tea. The caffeine will offset the benefits.

– If you don’t care for the taste of the teas, consider infusing them with other flavors, eg berries or lemon, or adding plenty of cream and honey (which has its own medicinal properties). As a last resort, just plug your nose 😉

Helps reduce nausea, and has long been used for its calming properties (it’s a very mild sedative)
Taken before bed, it can help promote sleep.

The flavor, on its own, may not be appealing to you, so feel free to find one already infused with other flavors, or infuse your own.

A relaxant, lime blossom has been used for nervous tension for centuries.

Known for its relaxing and calming properties, Lemon Balm is good for insomnia and reducing anxiety.

I love peppermint tea. Love. It.

It’s my ‘go-to’ tea for many things. It calms me, soothes my tummy, and tastes delicious. The cooling effect of peppermint tea is also nice in the midst of the heating effect that panic attacks tend to produce.

For extreme stomach distress, or extra relief, brew it double-strength.

– not recommended during pregnancy

The calming effects of passionflower are pretty impressive, but it is not a long term remedy in high doses. It is also a muscle relaxant, so be sure to test out how you react to it before trying out other activities after taking it.


There are a few other teas that are commonly used for anxiety, but there are also some concerns about them. For example, research on Kava has shown that, although it is excellent in helping calm anxiety, there is also a potential for liver damage. So, please talk with your doctor and read up on them prior to using them.

Part of the Whole

The purpose of each herbal tea is to help relax and calm, temporarily, therefore, they are meant to be used in addition to other calming techniques that you might already have in place, or are learning to use. Together, they all become parts of your toolbox for managing your anxiety and controlling panic attacks.

This is the 8th post in a 31 Day Series: 31 Days to Peace: Finding inner peace for anxiety and panic attacks. Start from the beginning here .

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