Hemorrhoid Treatments — Hemorrhoid…

Hemorrhoid Treatments — Hemorrhoid…

Hemorrhoid Treatments - Hemorrhoid...

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Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

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Overview of Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

Hemorrhoids also known as hemroid are not serious if treated timely. Only minor changes incorporated in your daily eating habits can make improvements in your condition and act as a hemorrhoid treatment. Other at-home remedies are enough to provide relief from the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and thus do not require invasive hemorrhoid treatment measures such as surgery.

Physical barrier methods are also a non-surgical method of hemorrhoid treatment. In this method, the blood supply to the hemorrhoids is cut off, and gradually shrinks the tissue. This hemorrhoid treatment absolves the hemorrhoids and the scar left behind also supports the anal tissue and in a way prevents further development of hemorrhoids.

The precaution that people with hemorrhoids need to take is to get a hemorrhoid treatment done on time, so that the condition does not get worse.

Hemorrhoid Treatment – Fixative Options

  • Rubber Band ligation
  • Lasers
  • Coagulation Therapy
  • Heat

Rubber band ligation, laser treatment, coagulation therapy and heat therapy are some of the hemorrhoid treatment options that are available in this category. According to the reports available, these fixative procedures have a good success rate in offering an effective hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Surgical Options

Hemorrhoidectomy is a type of hemorrhoid treatment conducted only in advanced cases of hemorrhoids. For instance, if the hemorrhoids are internally places, have enlarged and causing a lot of pain or bleeding, then surgery can be conducted to bring relief to the patient. Multiple treatment options can also be explored – such as opting for both fixative and some surgery options to provide permanent hemorrhoids treatment.

Which option to select – Hemorrhoidectomy or fixative procedures

Surgery is generally the last option of hemorrhoid treatment when all the other treatments fail. Hence fixative procedure are tried on the hemorrhoids first to stop the bleeding or enlargement of the affected area or in second degree hemorrhoid cases where the internal hemorrhoids protrude out of the anus and retract back into the body.

Hemroid treatment such as surgery is not only riskier but also a more expensive mode of treatment. Hence it should be tried when other hemorrhoid treatments are able to provide only temporary results. Hemorrhoid surgery can provide a permanent cure for this condition.

It is to be noted however, that patients exploring hemorrhoid surgery should explore the other hemorrhoid cures before suggesting this option.


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