Heineken beer

Heineken beer

Heineken beer

One beer, one world — yeah right! It’s beer, so it’s brief. It all started on 15 February 1864, when Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the Haystack brewery in Amsterdam. Heineken quickly replaced the Haystack with a new brewery on the city’s outskirts, located on the present day Stadhouderskade and thus the 19th-century local Amsterdam brewer has grown into a worldwide business. So there you go.

Heineken Beer Product Listing

Cans (6 Pack) (330ml)

This is my poison and while the local version has a touch of sweetness that the international one doesn’t need, it still. More>

Light (6 Pack) (330ml)

Heineken Light, named the World Beer Championships’ Best Tasting Light Beer for the second year running, unlike other Light. More>