Hedges Supplier, where to buy bay laurel plants.

Hedges Supplier, where to buy bay laurel plants.

Hedges Supplier, where to buy bay laurel plants.

Hedging To Your Door

Hedge Plants from the UK’s Leading Hedges Supplier

hedgingtoyourdoor.co.uk is a new concept in the supply of all types of hedges. All of our products can be ordered safely and securely online and hedges are delivered straight to your premises, ensuring you’re able to get your hands on beautiful, high quality hedges quickly and cost-effectively!

Hedges For All Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

We’re proud to offer a competitive selection of hedges for all kinds of soils, spaces and applications. Bareroot hedges are very popular during the winter months when plants are dormant and can be removed from the ground without any soil around the roots. Native hedges like Hawthorn, Field Maple, Spindle, Hazel and Dogrose, to name but a few, are almost always supplied bare rooted in the winter months (normally from November through to March). To achieve a solid, stock proof hedge within a couple of years after planting, we recommend planting 5 plants per linear metre in a double staggered row. Before ordering, measure the distance of your new hedge and then multiply by five to arrive at the number of required plants.

Evergreen hedges are widely planted to create a boundary, but it can also be used to provide privacy and shelter your premises from the wind. Laurel hedge, Privet hedge, Holly and Leylandii hedges are all popular choices for this purpose. Evergreen hedges are known as one of the hardiest and most weather resistant plants and are perfect for creating screening hedge solutions that offer attractive foliage all year round.

If you need to create a hedge in a hurry, the fastest growing hedge is always regarded as Leylandii. However, Laurel hedges are also a good, fast grower that will not need quite as much maintenance.

Different Uses for Fast Growing Hedges

Fast growing hedges are increasingly being used as a means of security, especially in secluded rear gardens where thieves often gain easy access to the premises. The sharp, spiny type plants such as Hawthorn, Dogrose or Holly are most suited to this purpose – and best of all, they’re much cheaper than a security fence!

If predators such as rabbits, squirrels or deer are regular visitors to your garden, you will need to consider some form of protection. Spiral guards supported by bamboo canes offer cost-effective hedge protection from rabbits. For deer you will need to consider the taller type of tree shelter and support your new hedge with a stout stake.

Hedge Supplies Within 48 Hours

Browse through all of the available hedges on hedgingtoyourdoor.co.uk and select the plants you’d like to purchase. Once you have completed your order and confirmed payment, your hedge plants will usually be delivered within 48 hours (not including weekends and bank holidays), right to your door!

If you’re unsure which hedges will best suit your outdoor space, take a look at our online Plants for Soil Types guides.

Please email us via our Contact Us page with any questions you may have. We will be happy to try and help in any way we can.

Green or common beech is one of the most popular deciduous hedge plants, with stunning autumn colour.

Price From: £90.50

Carpinus Betulus or Hornbeam is a large, resilient, deciduous hedge. Please select your plants belo.

Price From: £96.50

The Norway Maple is a large, fast growing tree that gives a great autumn display of gold and red. P.

Price From: £13.25

Bay laurel brings a Mediterranean feel to a sunny court yard or terrace. It’s aromatic leaves.

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