Health Benefits of Flaxseeds The…

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds The…

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds The...

The Flaxseed Weight Loss Diet

Here is an easy, natural and healthy way to lose weight. It’s Mitra’s Three Step Flaxseed Diet. There are only three steps involved. You can eat as much as you want but if you follow these three steps strictly for one month, you are bound to lose a lot of weight. Moreover, this weight will be lost naturally, and will stay off for good if you continue a healthy eating program.

In the first month, you will likely see dramatic weight loss. In the following months, the ideal weight loss is best limited to four to six pounds per month, unless you are obese, in which case the ideal number will be higher.

Here is the simple Three Step Flaxseed Diet:

Step One. Consume one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds per day.

Step Two. Eat as much as you like throughout the day but eat only from the 100 healthiest foods. Try not to eat anything which is not on this list especially anything with white flour or sugar in it, or any kinds of processed foods.

Step Three: Burn a minimum of 1,000 calories in aerobic exercise per week. This is equivalent to walking about ten miles over one week. You can spread it out into four 2.5 mile walks per week or any other combination you prefer. You can walk at any speed you like, but brisk walking is better.

That’s it. That is all the info you need to lose weight naturally and quickly.

More details about the three step flaxseed diet:

Step One: A one pound bag of ground flax seed should cost you less than four dollars. You can also buy whole flax seeds and grind them yourself in your coffee grinder. But don’t eat the whole flax seeds without grinding them. They are hard to digest and you would be missing out on their nutritional benefits as they passed whole through your digestive system.

Flaxseeds are very rich in fiber and omega-3 fats. They are filling and will satiate your appetite. The omega-3 component will be very good for your mental mood and health.

You can mix them into your cereal (remember, only use the natural cereals such as oatmeal recommended in the 100 healthiest foods list). Or you can just blend them with hot water as your first morning drink. You can also stir them into your scrambled eggs, yogurt snack or any other more complicated dish you are preparing. They have a nutty taste and will not spoil the goodness of your meal.

Step Two: You truly can eat as much as you want, but it must be limited to the 100 healthiest foods listed at the bottom of the page at The World’s Healthiest Foods website. This exceptional and non-profit website also provides simple recipes for cooking with these foods. Ideally, if you are hungry beyond your three meals, you will make up the extra eating from the vegetable and legume categories on this list. Keep the dairy products to a minimum.

Don’t deny yourself as much food as you care to eat. If you are currently very obese, there is likely an emotional hangup with food as part of your struggle with weight loss. This program is bound to change that. By keeping you off white flour, processed foods and sugar, this program will change your relationship and dependence on the wrong kinds of food. Give it time, and go ahead and help yourself to as much as you want of the right kinds of foods for the first month. Your appetite for food will soon regulate itself as you begin to feel better.

Step Three: Get out there and burn a minimum of 1,000 calories per week. It’s easy to do once you’ve established a routine. This moderate amount of exercise will help rev up your metabolism. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do it outside, all the better as this will ensure you get the Vitamin D necessary for your well-being (from sunlight) and the fresh air will help invigorate you.

For some inspiring stories about healthy weight loss see Weight Loss Success Stories .

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