He Wears Panties, black men wearing panties.

He Wears Panties, black men wearing panties.

He Wears Panties, black men wearing panties.

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Hey lingerie lovers, I have two new panty sets for your appraisal. They feature cute cuts, one with an animal print design suitable for expressing one’s wild side, the other with a sparkling floral design with bronze tones which make these appropriate undergarments for driving a chariot, or engaging in high art.

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These steel gray panties with delicate lace made in a smooth microfiber combine French design, lace loveliness and a comfortable fit to make them the perfect choice for any occasion. Playful polkadots on the main panel contrast with the sheet steel hues beneath to create an impression which is simultaneously hard and soft – a juxtaposition of elements you will admire for hours.

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On the third day of Christmas, your lingerie Santa might very well give you three pairs of charming black lace panties – sufficient panties to wear to the opera, the bank and the PTA meeting. So vibrant! So elegant! So multi-purpose! You can choose between a three pack of all black lace panties, or, if you need the semblance of variety, this three pack also comes in black, nude and white, so you can mix and match with outer clothing – a light white slip, for instance, might call for the white – or if you’re going for a nude illusion around the roaring cheerful fire, the beige could be your ticket.

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A light playful pair of panties adorned with polka dot mesh and surrounded by bold floral print, these are panties in which one has a good time. There’s admittedly not much to them, and one could perhaps say that they are more a suggestion of lingerie than an actual item of lingerie, but that would be to underestimate the goodness in small things.

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Sheer, blue, Brazilian lingerie framed with black lace and topped with a leopard print bow. If you’re in the market for something skimpy, this mesh based panty is perfect for you. The interplay of darker mesh and lighter side panels makes for a delightful contrast with a shining fabric sheen.

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A neat pair of sleek pink panties with intriguing cutouts highlighted with angular mesh lace, these panties are restrained but elegant, charming and modern. A fine guage knit fabric ensures a soft, comfortable fit beneath even the most close fitting outerwear.

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Olga has long been a staple of many panty wearing men’s wardrobes, for reasons of fit, comfort and quality. This three pack imbues all those lingerie values in economical and stylish fashion. Choose the color combination you most resonate with, either in vibrant blues and pinks, or a range of beige oriented tones guaranteed to flatter the most serious outfits, or alternatively, a wine berry range for a refined style.

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These panties caught my eye because of their bold pastel blue and pink floral pattern matched with a delicate yet strong lace trim. And then I noticed that they’re advertised as one size fits all, which as we all know is as bold a claim as one gets.

The same company also makes this awesome pug sweater. I think we’re onto a winner here, boys! (Click the pug’s face for more details on this sweater, which will indubitably go with a wide range of lingerie. It’s pretty much the best unisex item of clothing ever designed.)

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Elegant lingerie of this calibre does not make an appearance all that often, especially when matched with the sheer inventive construction that these panties display. The waistband ‘floats’ above the body of the garment, producing the illusion of teal floral adornment rising from the nether. Mesh and lace both have a role to play in these panties, which elevate both form and function to new heights.

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These panties may not have intentionally been designed to look like spiderwebs, I’m pretty sure some master or mistress of mesh and embroidery is still proclaiming that these are bold floral designs, but I knows me a spiderwebs when I sees it, and these are the perfect mesh of beige and black for this Fall / Halloween season. Trimmed with black velvet, these panties are sensual, daring and designer, everything you need in a new addition to your lingerie collection. And they come with a little peekaboo surprise too…

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Hanky Panky has acknowledged its inner Jungian shadow and brought out a line of sexy lace panties which incorporate dark lace, metallic animal prints and the sort of bold construction and contrast guaranteed turn your nether regions into a sensual evening event.

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Looking for something fun, frilly and feminine? These panties certainly fit the bill! Cute white frills festooned with light pink hearts, a flattering high cut rising over the rear, you’ll adore yourself in these panties which are designed to be not just flattering, but playful too. Express your lighter side in lingerie!


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