Greenhouse Fans, greenhouse fans.

Greenhouse Fans, greenhouse fans.

Greenhouse Fans, greenhouse fans.

Greenhouse Fans

GGS has a variety of fans to meet your commercial greenhouse needs:

Circulation Fans

  • Provides superior cost-effective air circulation throughout your greenhouses
  • Moves warm or cool air down the length of the house
  • 1/10 horsepower
  • 115/230 Volts (prewired for 115V)
  • 1.3/0.58 amps
  • 2500 cubic ft/minute
  • 3 Aluminum blades
  • Safety guards on the intake and exhaust
  • Polyester powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • The motors are totally enclosed, maintenance free, and are high efficiency with sealed ball bearings
  • Comes pre-installed with a 9ft cord


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