Goat milk for 6 month old baby…

Goat milk for 6 month old baby…

Goat milk for 6 month old baby...

Goats Milk for a 6 Week Old?

Updated on October 27, 2008

B.K. asks from San Rafael, CA on October 24, 2008

My 6 week old is a BIG eater! I have been solely breastfeeding but have a hard time keeping up! I have a full milk supply the issue is with him wanting to eat every 45 mins. I LOVE nursing him, but am starting to feel a little drained physically and emotionally(I just want a little me time). We tried Earths Best soy & milk based formulas and they both upset his stomach. I was talking to our yoga instructor(we take mommy/baby) about it and she told me to research goats milk. Supposedly its very simmialr to our milk and easy to digest. Ofcourse I called his pediatrician and still waiting to hear back. In the meantime do any of you have any input? I am only looking to supplement for one feeding(2-4oz).

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answers from San Francisco on October 26, 2008

I agree with a previous response that your son may be going through a growth spurt. Each month there usually is one, and the 2 and 3-month spurts are huge, with baby needing to nurse at least every hour for a few days to a whole week in order to help your body increase milk supply.

Be careful about goat's milk. I believe that should only be tried after a baby is a year old. My son has severe allergies to cow's milk and soy, which we didn't realize until he was tested at 10 months old. Later, his pediatric allergist recommended we try goat's milk, but after just a few sips, my son threw up 3 times within 30 minutes and developed serious allergy symptoms (runny nose, wheezing, congestion, itchy rash ).

If you're pretty committed to breastfeeding your infant. try to stick with it because your breast milk can help ward off allergies later on.

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answers from San Francisco on October 25, 2008

Why not just pump and offer the expressed milk? Keep in mind though that for every missed feed you will need to pump in order to maintain supply.

No other milk is meant for your baby besides breastmilk. Artificial feeding with formula or other animals' milk is meant for babies who have no mothers or whose mothers don't produce breastmilk.

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answers from San Francisco on October 26, 2008

Just a thought, 6 weeks is a very common age for a growth spurt. He may be trying to build up your milk supply by eating often. Supplementing is a slippery slope because breastmilk is regulated by supply and demand.

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answers from San Francisco on October 25, 2008

I'd say try pumping. 6 weeks is too young for any other source of proteins/milk than your own. Setting him up for allergies. My son was the same way. you might just have an eater on your hands! My son became a snacker. He eats for only about 10 minutes at each nursing but I nurse him every hour or so. I'd rather him eat like that because it's healthier as far as maintaining a good body weight when he's older. Don't want him to have to suffer and be fat like his mommy was growing up!

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answers from San Francisco on October 24, 2008

Well it worked great for my youngest. Although she occasionally says, "Baaa" for no reason, but other than that she's a perfectly healthy 11 year old. LOL.

I actually used it as formula combined with dark corn syrup and liquid multiple vitamins because I couldn't breast feed (long story) and all formulas make her colicky. So my aunt told me about goat's milk. She was quite a happy camper after that!

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answers from San Francisco on October 27, 2008

Maybe he just wants to be pacified (for sucking and closeness) and that it is not necessarily for the milk that he wants to nurse so often. Just a thought.

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