Goat milk baby formula recipe, goat milk deficient vitamins.

Goat milk baby formula recipe, goat milk deficient vitamins.

Goat milk baby formula recipe, goat milk deficient vitamins.

Goat milk baby formula recipe

Healthy Food T he following is an adaptation on the goat milk formula from Sally Fallon’s book ‘Nourishing Traditions.’
Sally’s exact formula, with variations, is available free on Sally’s site at the time of this writing.
Our adaptation omits the liver and adds some ingredients from David William M.D.’s similar formula.
Not all ingredients are strictly necessary but this formula has worked great for us!

DW denotes Dr. David Williams
SF denotes Sally Fallon / Weston Price Foundation / Nourishing Traditions

4 cups pure, clean, fresh raw

up to 8 tbsp (or less/none if digestion is good)

(DW 1/2 tsp) (SF 2 tsp)

Organic Virgin Cold Pressed (SF: 2 teaspoons) (DW: 2 tablespoons)

4 cups (can substitute w/ milk in cold weather if digestion is good)

1/2 tsp (DW: 1/2 tsp liquid vitamin C)

0, 1,or 2 warm liquid EGG YOLKs, depending on age (DW: 1 tsp liquid LECITHIN)

1/2 cup homemade

4 tablespoons good quality fresh clean (from a cow)

2 teaspoons unrefined

4 teaspoons (B fortified)

4 teaspoons, gently dissolved in water

1300mg (1/2 teaspoon)

340 mg (1/8 teaspoon)

raw YOGURT (or kefir)

2 tablespoons plain unsweetened

1/2 teaspoon organic

2 to 4 drops liquid

(any quality brand) (Bottle will say how many drops to add)

(Optional) Fresh Raw, to detoxify (esp. if baby was exposed to drugs/vaccines)

Fresh raw garlic

(Optional) liquefied, start in tiny amounts to test

Makes 72 ounces

You can get the added ingredients through Sally Fallon and David Williams, or if you have a really good local or online health food/nutritional store.
DON’T WAIT until you have all the ingredients.
Each day your child is on factory formula he/she is getting sicker.
GO AHEAD with the clean fresh raw goat milk and add the other ingredients as you are able.
Your confidence and enthusiasm will blossom as you see your child getting healthier and stronger each day.
The most important first ingredient added is anything to supplement B-complex vitamins, just in case your goat or feed is B-vitamin-deficient.

Allow 20 minutes preparation time every two days.
Refrigerate in full glass bottles with no air space. Do not sweeten.
When the child is small, you can reduce the amounts proportionally, or use the extra as a delicious, nutritious base for soup.
Even better, you, Mom, drink the surplus! It’s good for you!

If this formula is prepared properly, the child should have nice, smooth, buttery bowel movements generally once a day, and several wet, heavy diapers every day. The stool should not be runny, yet not be in balls, form-able with your fingers but not hard.
Assuming proper care in the other areas of life, the child:

  • should almost never get sick,
  • and should not require vaccination to fight off ordinary childhood diseases.

What we’re doing is [hopefully] making up for the lack human breast-milk, by putting as many bio-available nutrients as possible in the formula, so the baby’s body can keep what it needs and pee/poo out the rest.
Of course breast-milk from a healthy, well-fed woman is always the ideal, because the biofeedback loop between the Mom’s nipple-sensors and the baby’s saliva causes Mom’s body to put in just those nutrients the baby needs.

No liability is assumed, but we and the other witnesses are convinced that this formula saved our child from the near-toxic commercial formula which was destroying our baby’s health.
The constipation, acne, and infection disappeared almost overnight.

The physician says, "Your baby’s so advanced! What are you feeding him?!"
Sally’s formula has hundreds of similar testimonials.

Similac is Simulcrap.
Enfamil is Enfakill.

Do the right thing for your beloved child:
feed them what the Creator of the universe makes.
It works!


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