Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe…

Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe…

Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe...

For Woodworkers
& Furniture Builders!
Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe Project Plans & Craft Project Plans!
Exciting "Fun to Build" Alternatives!

Elegant Furniture, Lathe Projects
& Fine Crafts from
Plastic (PVC or ABS) Pipe & Fittings!

Yes, you build elegant furniture & furnishings for home & office out of
Plastic Pipe & Pipe Fittings from our Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe Projects & Craft Project Plans, which we call Project ePlanSets.

Try Something NEW! Take a break from
Traditional Woodworking, WoodTurning, Wood Crafts & Furniture Building.

In addition, it’s fun to finish your Plastic Pipe Project with a
Faux Marble Finish!
We can show you how easy it is to do!

"Our Project ePlanSets are the best and easiest to follow and understand of all Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe Projects and Craft Plans in any woodworking, furniture building or craft industry — GUARANTEED!"

We have been building Plastic Pipe projects for years. While most other Woodworking Plans, Furniture Plans and Craft Plans are monochrome black & white, line drawings, which you need a magnifying glass to read, our Project ePlanSets offer outstanding clarity, definitive three-dimensional renderings & descriptive colors on every sheet.

Mouse Over and Click below to learn more about each Set of Furniture Plans, WoodTurning Lathe Project Plans and Craft Project Plans pictured.

It’s Really Fast and Simple to Order.

All Project ePlanSets are sent electronically as an attachment to an email sent directly to you in an
Adobe Reader.pdf file format.

Once your payment is verified, you will receive your Project ePlanSet(s) attached to an email sent to your email address on record with PayPal.

All Project ePlanSets are 8 -1/2" x 11" — Esay to print from any home computer!

No Shipping or Handling Charges!

It’s just that simple!

Advantages of sending our
ePlanSets as Adobe.pdf Files:

No shipping or handling charges — ever!

Easy and quick to ship anywhere in the world — Electronically!

Easy to read on screen — easy to print so you can take them into your workshop

Universal compatibility — if you use mac, windows, linux or unix,
Adobe Reader.pdf works perfectly

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher, please click the Adobe image below to download it:

It’s free and very simple to use.

You will need Adobe’s Acrobat® Reader 5.0 (or newer) installed on your computer to be able to see and print PDF Projects ePlanSets.


  • We instruct you on how to cut Plastic Pipe squarely, at precise lengths using hand tools
  • Special easy methods of marking, aligning and gluing pipe and fittings like no plumber has ever done before
  • We instruct you on how to make TEE joints in pipe – where fittings cannot fit
  • Ideas on How To Finish Your Project – We tell you about surface preparation, priming, painting.

We at sell only Project ePlanSets. Once your payment is verified, your order will be sent to you electronically as an attachment to an email. Project ePlanSets are delivered to your computer in an Adobe Reader.pdf format. There are no charges for shipping or handling – that part is always free., Phone (317) 608-3920, e-Mail to:

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