Castor Oil Packs — Dr, castor oil for your face.

Castor Oil Packs — Dr, castor oil for your face.

Castor Oil Packs - Dr, castor oil for your face.

Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are a good excuse to take some time out for yourself every day. Most patients start using them for a specific part of a treatment plan but many choose to make it part of their daily ritual. It is easy, relaxing, and a great way to maintain health!


  1. Take a clean flannel cloth folded into 2-3 layers and large enough to cover your entire abdomen.
  2. Drizzle 2-3 TBSP of castor oil onto one face of the cloth.
  3. Place the oily side down on your stomach, add a little heat (via a heating pad, a hot water bottle, your own arms, a warm blanket) and lie still for 30-45 minutes. You can incorporate this into your evening routine. If you regularly check email every night, do your castor oil pack while you sit at your computer. Or do it while you read or talk to your spouse or watch a movie.
  4. After the allotted time, place your pack into a plastic bag and set it aside until tomorrow.

The Following days

  1. Add a TBSP or so of additional castor oil to the same side of the same cloth you used the previous day. Do this for the next 4-5 days. Until the cloth is “saturated” enough that it leaves a SLIGHT film of oil on your belly when you remove it.
  2. Once this level of saturation is reached, you only need to add oil once every 5-7 days.

Most common castor oil pack mistakes :

  1. Adding TOO MUCH oil or adding oil TOO OFTEN—this treatment should not be messy, no oil dripping off, no pools of stickiness left behind.
  2. Washing the cloth: you should NOT wash the cloth. The castor oil is sticky and can leave a film in your machine. Use the cloth for several months, then toss it out and buy a new one.
  3. Using castor oil near a favorite piece of clothing or fabric. BE CAREFUL. castor oil STAINS. Make sure to use ONLY cloths/shirts/fabrics that you don’t care about ruining.

Other suggestions :

  1. Place the castor oil pack on your bare skin and cover it with a hand towel (to insulate it from your clothes). Then, pull a tight t-shirt or tank top over the top. Tuck the bottom of the castor oil pack (flannel and hand towel together) into your pajama bottoms or sweat pants. This technique secures the pack in place and minimizes any messiness.
  2. You can also put the castor oil directly on your abdomen and place the flannel over it.
  3. If you have an old T-shirt or don’t care about staining your sheets, you can simply put the castor oil directly on your abdomen and sleep in an old T-shirt.

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