Green Leaves and Co, acne facial oil.

Green Leaves and Co, acne facial oil.

Green Leaves and Co, acne facial oil.

Green Leaves and Co. Facial Oil

I have dry skin, but I tend to get the occasional breakout. When my skin is feeling clustered and upset, my body is calling for this facial oil. I swear I can smell this oil when I awake, and when I look in the mirror I realize I have breakouts that need extinguished. By the way, the scent of this oil is outstandingly SENSATIONAL.

-Andie the Green Queen

We have been getting requests for new organic, super-gentle, healing, regulating acne potions, and here are the violet-leaf-scented fruits of our labor of the last several months: a lovely, green-tinted facial oil that is completely noncomedogenic. fully absorbent, refreshing, creamy-velvety, antimicrobial in a virgin coconut-virgin jojoba oil base.

The scent is green, leafy, grassy in a wonderfully refreshing way, from that exquisite violet leaf absolute plus French Provencal lavender (high altitude, no less).

Now, what does it do? Heals and prevents acne with thyme, regenerates skin cells and reverses wrinkles with rosemary verbenone, regulates oil secretion with clementine leaf and coconut oil, and reverses signs of aging with the lavender and violet. Violet leaf is this fascinating plant that acts both as anti-acne and anti-aging ingredient.

While this oil is not at all drying (or irritating) in the way many anti-acne products are, the coconut oil in it makes it very gently astringent. If you have oily skin areas, they will stay more matte and over time become more balanced in terms of oil production. If your skin is on a dry side but still acne-prone, you can use this oil just on the problem spots, or try using the oil as the first layer and follow with a noncomedogenic moisturizer as the second layer.

Cruelty free, vegan, cold-process, handcrafted, 100% natural, preservative-free.

For acne, acne-prone, oily, combination, post-acne, sensitive, damaged, reddened skin types.

Virgin cold-press unrefined Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*†, virgin cold-press unrefined Simmondsia chinensis (golden jojoba) oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone (rosemary) oil*, Thymus vulgaris ct. linalool (thyme) oil*, Viola odorata leaves absolute*, wildcrafted Lavandula angustifolia (high-altitude French lavender, from Haute Provence) oil, Citrus clementine leaves oil* (from Corsica), Ocimum sanctum (holy basil) oil* (from India, of course), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.

*Certified organic. †Certified Fair Trade.

Apply day and night or only at night all over the face or just on the oily or acne areas, or just as acne spot treatment. The oil may be solid, semi-solid, or liquid depending on your home’s temperature. If it becomes liquid, stir it periodically to remix. Keep away from sunlight (such as in your bathroom cabinet) and excessive heat (above 80 degrees F) for maximum shelf life. Does not need refrigeration. An easy to use glass dropper will be included with your order to make for simpler application of this product when liquid.

Filled to the brim. Freshness guaranteed for 6 months. Full Size 1.2 fl. oz (35 ml). Sample 0.25 fl. oz (7.4 ml).

Due to the very high cost of our ingredients and the labor-intensive (aka highly time consuming) small-batch production process, we are unable to accept returns of opened or unopened products at this time. But most products have a sample size option for purchase, so we encourage that you buy a sample first to ensure that the product suits your skin needs and that you enjoy the texture, fragrance, and the healing properties.

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2016-08-01 06:40:50 UTC

Denise Yuen said: In love.

I requested a sample of Green Leaves in one of my orders, and immediately knew I would always keep this product around in my life. The smell drives me absolutely nuts (in a good way), it is sooooo earthy, and herbal, not in a hippie way, but a beautiful, grounding sort of way. This calms me down like no other. And thankfully it calms my skin down too — I can put this on at night and know for sure the next day my blemishes will be less red, less inflamed, and generally my skin looks soothed. It’s not a zit buster or anything crazy like that — but it works wonderfully, in a kind of holistic way, balancing out my skin and speeding up the healing of everything. In love.

2016-05-21 17:36:04 UTC

Julia Czajkowski said: Buy this.

I have dry, acne prone skin with cystic acne that is extremely painful and HUGE. I started putting this on my face every night before I went to bed only in areas that I needed it, like on my chin which is full of breakouts and on parts of my cheeks where I was getting a couple cysts. After 2 days of using this, my cysts went down significantly and my other blemishes went away almost completely. My skin was so smooth and pain free. I truly believe in this product. It’s amazing and worth every penny!!

2016-04-10 04:00:00 UTC

Kelsey P. said: Changed My Skin Overnight

I received a sample of this oil from a friend, and within a few days of use I knew I had to purchase a full size.

I’ve been using this for a month now, and Green Leaves & Co literally transformed my skin overnight. After the first use I woke up to even, dewy skin that looked radiant and healthy.

My skin type is normal, with hormonal breakouts (which tend to pop up as one or two painful cystic-like acne pimples with no head), and even my hormonal breakouts were extremely minimal — just one or two "regular" pimples that went away within a day with very little redness.

No one has flawless skin every day, but this has my skin looking SO good, I’m completely amazed and won’t be without it. I can’t wait to try more from Ava’s line!

2016-01-18 18:16:52 UTC

Cindy Garrett said: Pretty green potion

This pretty green potion has made my skin so soft and luxurious to the touch. No breakouts, and the redness on my cheeks has gone down considerably. Plus, I love the sweet, flowery scent! It is delicate but beautiful.

2015-10-09 01:09:21 UTC

Hunter Hamilton said: Heaven in a bottle.

This is one of my favorite products to this day. After washing my face I love just rubbing this all over face and it’s perfect for my combination skin as well. Buying this product forever!!

2015-08-07 09:14:11 UTC

Kelsie said: Green Leaves

It has a very fresh and clean scent, which I look forward to twice a day. It is green-tinted, noncomedogenic and fully absorbs into your skin, leaving no oily residue. I have noticed over the past few months using this oil, that my skin is a lot less congested around my chin area (my problem area). I have not experienced any breakouts with this oil, and it has renewed my trust and belief in plant oils like coconut.

2015-08-04 19:40:13 UTC

Isabel said: Greatest.

I bought this to help with the occasional breakouts that I get. Now, I use it nightly after washing my face. It absorbs quick, does not leave face greasy, and it smells pleasant. I may use this forever.

2015-06-05 13:19:08 UTC

Naomi said: Awesome for breakout prone skin

In the summer I need something lighter because my skin tends to break out. This oil is wonderful because it is helping with that. My skin is staying hydrated but not breaking out and it’s looking clearer and less irritated. (I have super sensitive skin). I love the smell! And a little goes a LONG way! Don’t ever stop making this amazing product.

2015-06-04 20:24:20 UTC

Christy said: Best Facial Oil EVER!

People seem to think that using a facial oil on oily skin will just make it oilier. SO not true. My face is actually LESS oily since I’ve been using Green Leaves & Co. I’m 40 and have combination skin, it does an excellent job of moisturizing the dry spots and helping the oily spots. My 16 year old daughter has really bad acne and very oily skin. It took a LOT of convincing to get her to try it, since it is an oil but now she loves it because it has helped so much with her complexion and with the oiliness. It feels great and smells wonderfully herbal. Love it.

2015-06-04 20:23:26 UTC

Christy said: Best Facial Oil EVER!

People seem to think that using a facial oil on oily skin will just make it oilier. SO not true. My face is actually LESS oily since I’ve been using Green Leaves & Co. I’m 40 and have combination skin, it does an excellent job of moisturizing the dry spots and helping the oily spots. My 16 year old daughter has really bad acne and very oily skin. It took a LOT of convincing to get her to try it, since it is an oil but now she loves it because it has helped so much with her complexion and with the oiliness. It feels great and smells wonderfully herbal. Love it.

2015-05-29 12:36:45 UTC

Caitlin said: Face changer for acne prone skin

This oil is amazing! It has completely changed the way my skin looks and feels. When I use this regularly twice a day, breakouts stay at bay, and it helps with my morning redness! I highly recommend this to anyone acne prone, right now I’m ordering samples for my friends!

2015-05-07 00:12:38 UTC

Noeli Pelaez said: Incredible Oil!

This is oil my holy grail oil! Does wonders to my skin without leaving it oily at all. Clears my break outs when ever I have them. Plus love the way it smells, so fresh and so clean.

2015-05-06 19:41:46 UTC

Caroline said: Fabulous scent!

As everyone else has said, this smells divine. Unlike a lot of other products, the scent is very fresh and invigorating without being overpowering. I love the consistency of this, too — it smooths on easily and absorbs quickly. My breakouts appear less inflamed the morning after using it.

My only gripe is the packaging — I live in cold climate (

2015-05-05 19:58:09 UTC

Leslie S said: Goodebox treasure

This came as a sample in my Goodebox. I loved it, and have since tried a few other products from this company. All very high quality. This facial oil feels so good at bedtime, and calms my breakout areas without clogging pores. It’s also so gentle and the fragrance is delightful.

2015-04-20 19:56:39 UTC

christie said: great facial oil

Bought this product after looking over reviews and needing s serum which would perk up my face while not aggrivating my acne prone skin sensitivities. This serum is NOT heavy, very light and spreads easily. Packed to the brim. It absorbs quickly which for my oily skin is surprising. I’ve to date used it alone as a moisturizer/serum, under my moisturizer and under tinted moisturizer with no breakouts! Love that it refreshes, definitely good to calm red marks and irritation post-breakouts. Highly recommended

2015-04-04 06:03:50 UTC

Yvonne Pinckard said: Love everything about this.

It’s a little goodness in a bottle. It works on just about any skin problem you my have. I have used it on my face, very dry hands. Also on my grandsons dry patches. It seems to have helped with most of what we have put it on.

2015-04-02 21:51:45 UTC

Happy Customer said: This oil works on oily skin

My skin creates lots of oil and thus I end up with blackheads which form constantly and also breakouts. I was using drying acne remedies which did nothing but irritate my skin. Based on the fact that oil dissolves oil, I began searching for facial oils. This one smells earthy and clean, and since I have been using it, my clogged pores are disappearing. The fact that it remains solid means that you use less and I like that it does not need refrigeration. I give it 4 stars only because the scent is not as appealing as I would like it to be.

2015-04-01 00:24:22 UTC

Caitlin said: Face changing product

After dealing with a horrible breakout that lasted for months I got a sample of this in my GoodeBox and fell in love. Within a week my awful breakout was gone and with continued use my skin has stayed clear since. This is such a fantastic product definitely a staple for my skincare since!

2015-03-31 23:31:41 UTC

Naomi said: Love this product!


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