Herbs for PMS Women have known for thousands of years that physical and emotional symptoms related to their menstrual cycle occur. They recognize that the mood swings, depression, sweet cravings, bloating, headaches, and other cyclic symptoms definitely have something to do with hormonal changes that occur during the cycle. Until 20 years ago, before many women went through medical school and became doctors, it was mostly men who determined what sets of symptoms could be given a name, an official diagnosis, which was recognized by modern medicine and reimbursed by insurance companies. Because men don’t experience menstrual cycles and are not familiar with unpleasant symptomsRead More →

HERBS FOR MIND AND SPIRIT BY GAIL FAITH EDWARDS Product Description Love, Joy and Happiness are primary issues of life. It is what we all want. But depression and sadness are just as fundamental to the human experience as the more positive states of mind. What influences how we feel? Our genetic make-up has a lot to do with it, so does our past personal history, environmental factors, lifestyle, food choices and thought processes. All these factors affect our mind, mental processes and mood. The best way to enhance our mental functioning is the safest, healthiest and the longest acting method using natural whole foodsRead More →

Spices (herbs OK) — black pepper (white OK) — ketchup — vinegars — cream — creamy sauces / gravy /salad dressing Foods that aggravate reflux A wide variety of foods can aggravate reflux. They don’t affect everybody in the same way. Burnie's Herbs and Juices for Natural Health PO Box 01-3843, Miami, FL 33101. Are you currently under a doctor's care? Cell Number Yes. No Heartburn Headache. Fatigue Allergies. Cholesterol Diarrhea. Gout Indigestion. Diabetes Insomnia. Overweight Depression. Hiatal Hernia Thyroid. Stress Indigestion, Heartburn, and Low Stomach Acidity Indigestion refers to any number of gastrointestinal complaints, which can include gas or wind and upset Can KombuchaRead More →

Klasse Buttercreme Zuckerguss Mein Freund nahm einen Kuchen dekorieren Klasse, und dies ist das köstlichste bereift ich je hatte. Sie sagte, Sie professionelle Extrakte anstelle der Eigenmarke zu kaufen, oder es wird die Farbe und den Geschmack verändern. Sie bekam ihr in einem Bastelgeschäft. Sie sagte, für den besten Geschmack Vollmilch zu verwenden, anstatt von einer fettarmen Milch oder Wasser, aber wenn man Milch verwenden möchten, müssen Sie zu kühlen haben den Kuchen. Sie sagt, das Salz hält die Glasur nicht zu süß schmecken, und es ist ein Muss. Der beste Teil über diese bereift den Geschmack und die Textur bleiben gut für Wochen. PortionsgrößeRead More →

Growing Strawberries in Containers. We are well into May now and although the weather hasnt been kind to us, this is a great time to pot up some strawberry plants into containers for a crop of juicy summer fruits. There is nothing quitelike home grown strawberries picked fresh from the plant. They are nothing like the rather dissapointing berries you buy in a supermarket. Many varieties available to the home gardener are not grown commercially because they are too tender and sweet to travel. The Garden Centres and Nurseries have lots of potted plants available, but there might be more choice by mail order fromRead More →